About two and a half years ago I entered a state of terrible depression. I had been suffering from heartburn for more than 6 months, and I was feeling burnt out. I had visited more than six professionals. My prescriptions ranged from omeprazole to ranitidine but they didn’t help. I had an endoscopy in January 2016. It was even worse than I thought. The doctor told me I had chronic gastritis and low-grade dysplasia. I returned home sad and depressed. I just wanted to sleep and stay in my room.

I have a small business of regulatory affairs. In short, I help companies and individuals regulate products for human use and consumption. 

My uncle in law asked me to help renovate the health registration of a natural product that was about to expire in Ecuador, my home country. The health authority requires that consumer products have a registration number. Time was short and the process ended a day before the expiration of the document.

Very happy with my service, the manufacturer gave me a bottle of the product. He said to me “This product is going to help with your digestive discomfort”. I accepted it, doubting its efficacy, for at the time I was very skeptical of natural products.  I started taking it as soon as I got home. I was desperate. I said to myself “What’s the worst that could happen?”

To my surprise the symptoms of my illness began to disappear. No longer did I feel the burning fire in my stomach, nor the fullness, heaviness, flatulence, or other digestive discomforts. The trained scientist that I am (I have a Phd in Biochemistry), I knew that more evidence was needed before I could credit this product with my improvement. Nevertheless, I informed that manufacturer that I wanted to meet him in order to learn more about this product.

To my surprise, the product had already undergone preclinical trials, and they documented a regenerating effect on the gastric mucosa. I asked him why he had not marketed the product. “How is that you are not rich?” He replied “I have had very bad luck with those who wanted to help me sell it.”

I offered a partnership in which he was in charge of making the product and I would help with promotion. 

It’s very strange how things happen. From a terrible disease like gastritis, whose unbearable pain almost lead me to suicide, I found not only the solution to my problem but also my new job. 

In June 2016 I underwent another endoscopy, and my dysplasia had disappeared. Today I feel great and can enjoy the foods I love. I still have the medical report from my gastroenterologist giving me the news that my stomach was much better.

Well at this point you will be wondering how true this story can be, and the only thing I can say is that the worst thing that could happen is that you lose 35 dollars and the best thing is that if everything you have read is true, you could go back to eat everything you like without digestive discomfort.
Note: 35 dollars are spent on a lunch with friends.



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